Ballina, New South Wales!

Ballina is a small town located in the state of New South Wales in Australia. It is situated on the north coast of the state, which is at the seat of the Ballina Shire Council Local Government. The total population recalculated by the government in 2006 was roughly 17,000 people. Reaching the city of Ballina is very easy by road, because it is situated on the Pacific Highway. As it is situated on the most easterly point of Australia, a number of beaches dot the city of Ballina.

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Great surfing opportunities exist in the city which is home to one of the most surf-friendly beaches that exist in the country. Picturesque views dot the city which has a number of beautiful headlands on the east cost of Australia. One such beautiful spot is the Angel’s Beach which is renowned across the world for its surfing activities. The city is also famous for having the World’s Largest Prawn which is made up of concrete and fibreglass. The city is picturesque for a number of reasons, which are that the city is located on the mouth of the Richmond River. Due to this particular fact, the historical importance of the city has also grown over the last 100 years.

As this particular river site used to be an important settlement amongst the traders of that time, more and more development activities used to take place in the region. Over the last so many years, the Richmond River itself has been significant in acting as a transportation route for all the traders that used to visit it in the early 1900’s. The river has also been used for other reasons as well. In the day and age of today, the river is a source of food such as marine wildlife and has also been used for recreational an activity which remains an important source of economic activity in the region as well. Due to such a beautiful scenic location, the region also has a number of wonderful waterfalls which are a source of great attraction for the tourists who visit the city on a frequent basis. A brief history of Ballina explains the importance that it used to get during the early 1900’s. Fishing trawlers used to visit this side of the state of Australia in the periods of British colonial rule and the small town of Ballina used to be an important fishing place. Due to the heightened economic importance of this small town, Ballina was connected to the other parts of Australia through a railway link which connected the town with the city of Booyong. Some believe that the town got its name from an Irish word which turned out to become Ballina. While others believe that it was a more indigenous Australian word which had the meaning of having many oysters.

Ballina’s horse racing!

Horse racing in Australia is incredibly popular, just look at Melbourne Cup 2012, and Ballina is no different. The horse racing industry of Ballina remains a significant one where the Ballina Jockey Club acts as the main body which facilitates the overall horse racing industry of the town. The club is situated on the Gold Coast, which is roughly a 2 km distance from the city centre. The club is surrounded by the gold sand beaches of the city of Ballina and has crystal clear water which is lined across the building. More than 200 horses are under training at the Ballina Jockey Club which is a big feat to start off with. This forms one of the biggest training facilities for horses belonging from the nearby towns and cities in the region and thus the town of Ballina has immense importance. The race tracks also receive a lot of importance from the local public because almost 17 races are held at the Ballina Jockey Club’s tracks on an annual basis.

Thus the importance of training the horses and providing competition for the local public remains a unique thing, where all stake holders are competing against each other. The most important races which are held in the Ballina Jockey Club include the Carlton Draught Ballina Cup which is held in the month of September on an annual basis, which remains one of the biggest crowd pullers that the sports has seen in the town of Ballina. Large crowds are witnessed all across the race club with important dates such as the Boxing Day Cup and the Byron Bay Cup important events in gathering bigger crowds. Bigger crowds at the Ballina Jockey Club mean that more money is at stake at the online gambling dens. The Jockey Club has a history which dates back to more than 110 years – which has seen the ups and downs of the sport. More than 185 horses are trained on a yearly basis at the Ballina Jockey Club which shows the amount of diversity it has for the local gambling audiences.

Gambling’s bright future

Offshore betting services have targeted this horse racing activity which has the ability to attract crowds from far away places, especially for huge events such as the Melbourne Cup. Thus, the importance of the local horse races can be gauged very easily. On the other hand, many international races have been trying to emulate the kind of competition that has developed in the city of Ballina. One of the major factors remains – horse gambling is largely done on the ground. Punters actually go to the grounds and take a keen interest in all the betting background information, such as the training of the horses and the jockeys. Nowadays, however, you don’t need to attend the race meet to conduct the necessary background research and place those winning wagers. Online betting sites offer everything that you need to research and place your bets all in one place. From the latest Melbourne Cup field all the way down to Ballina betting tips, you’ll find it all at an online betting site. You can simply bet online from home. Even if stuck at the workplace and can’t get away, you can place your bets online. All you need is internet access, an online bookmaker and you are set to go.